Art in Unexpected Places

June 14, 2016



Arts ability to arouse emotion, conjure up memories and insight deep thought is maybe just a few reasons why people enjoy going to galleries and visiting museums. However, the world is more connected than ever and it has become more and more important for consumers to do business with conscientious companies. Companies who strive to enhance the experience of their guests and maybe even brighten their day through art. This could be the reason why art in various forms is cropping up in some unexpected places.



Artwork in casinos is not necessarily a new trend but it is a great way to enhance the experience of hotel guests. Most of the notable casinos on the strip in Las Vegas scatter works of art throughout their casinos and hotels. For example, the Bellagio greets its guests with an immense glass sculpture hanging from the ceiling by artist Dale Chihuly.


Artwork, such as sculptures of prominent figures, are also a beautiful way to create a relaxing and classy ambience for hotel guests. Here in the Pacific Northwest most of the casinos are owned and operated by Native American Tribes. What an opportunity for guests to learn more about the heritage of the Native Tribes through art while enjoying the casinos other amenities. Works such as Mike Leckie’s portrait of Chief Joseph would be a proud representation of native heritage and an aesthetically pleasing piece of art for guests to enjoy.


Airports aren’t necessarily associated with relaxation and fun, infact, with updated security and longer lines many people tend to feel anxious about their flying experience. In an effort to take their minds off the stress of flying, airports have turned to art to help ease the negative associations with flying.

“Cities say they know travelers aren't eager patrons and no one goes to the airport for the sculpture, but they can use art to make a good first impression when visitors arrive.” -Wall Street Journal

Just imagine being greeted by Leckie’s bronze sculpture Adrianna Blesses the Wind here at our very own Eugene Airport!

Sporting Venues

Many people find attending their favorite sporting event to be a fun and exciting way to spend their free time, but most people don’t associate going to see their favorite team with also seeing great art. Some might argue that sports fans are too invested in the game to enjoy art, however incorporating art into sporting venues is a great way to raise exposure of art and extend its reach outside of a museum. Many famous sculptures depicting athletes are an honorable way to commemorate their achievements and teach spectators about sports history.

Sculptor Mike Leckie employs the art of bas-relief sculptures to honor track athletes. He has created pieces such as Clearing the Bar and The Last Hurdle (pictured right) after being inspired by Track & Field athletes over the years at Hayward Field, in Eugene, OR.

The next time  you’re traveling, watching your favorite team or just running errands around town, make sure to keep on the look-out for art in unexpected places. It might make you stop and consider the power art has to enhance your shopping experience, make you feel better or bring you peace in an otherwise stressful situation.